Your Time Is Now!

You want to do better.


You want to take action.


You want to make and keep more money.


You want to be even more successful.


You want to live on purpose.


You need a coach.


I can be that coach for you.


If you don’t already know me, my name is Steve.


And before I tell you the long-winded story about my years of homelessness, spending the last of my food money on a book that transformed my life, and ultimately finding myself learning the foundations of business from Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, Frank Kern, and many more... 

…let me start by calling out…

All The BULLSHIT "coaches" are tossing around  

You know the people…

… they post motivational quotes on their Facebook and call themselves a “life coach”…

… their LinkedIn profile lists them as a motivational speaker (when they’ve never spoke), a coach (when they don’t know the first thing about it), and an entrepreneur (when they’ve never had a business) …

… they claim to be experts in different schools of psychology they’ve never studied…

… they often tell people about the hundreds or THOUSANDS of SUCCESSFUL people they’ve coached (and obviously they are the sole reason they are successful) …

Let me clear something up…

This is not THAT.

I’m a professional coach and consultant.

In fact, it’s how I make my living.

I could tell you all about my years as a martial arts coach, how I built world champions, how I built my school, how my business partner and I built the biggest business in it's category, or the (literally) thousands of businesses I've now consulted with...

…but I’m guessing all you really want to hear that proves I (might) know what I’m doing is that…

I'm the Top Trainer for the Number One Personal & Professional Development Brand on the Planet 

Working with "the big guy" has been a small piece of my career comparatively -- but he's had a profound effect on my life and the standards I hold myself to when it comes to getting results for my friends and clients. 


At this point in my career I've had the unique privilege and opportunity to have personally worked with over 3,000 different businesses...

From many of the Fortune 500s down to the local mom-and-pop shops in just about every industry you can imagine... from real estate, title, mortgage, insurance, car dealerships, eCommerce, retail, doctors, dentists, surgeons, lawyers, fitness professionals -- you name it, I've done it.

And I'm Not Saying That To Pound On My Chest and Tell You How Great I am...

... I'm tellling you this because at this point I'd have to be an idiot to not see what works and what doesn't work when it comes to growing your business.




The cool thing about having worked with this many businesses is that every single team I coached in turn coached me!


Just by being around these guys I picked up tools, ideas, and strategies I NEVER could've come up with on my own.



My OBSESSION Has Been How Do I Learn These Tools And Organize Them In a "Plug n' Play" Manner So That YOU Can Benefit IMMEDIATELY 


Life is simply too short, and there's too many mountains to climb.


That's why I want to find the quickest and simplest way from Point A to Point B.


You want to go from 5 figures to 6? 6 figures to 7? 7 figures to 8!?


We can do that.


Not because I'm so great, but because these pathways have already been laid out for us. Nothing inside this program is theory.


I’ve been fortunate enough to be coached by the best and now it’s my turn to stand on the shoulders of giants and create my own revolution inside the coaching and consulting world...


So What's In The Path?

To put it simply:


Tools, strategies, and tactics to take your business from where you are to where you want to be.


The Path is an ongoing coaching program for entrepreneurs designed to do three things:


  • 1.) Implement strategies to rapidly grow your business

    Meaning: more customers, spending more money with you, more often.

  • 2.) Create more consistent income

    Together, we're going to create repeatable marketing and advertising assets. That means we're going to build out marketing campaigns together, tweak them, and get your business running like a well-oiled-customer-getting-machine (with or without you).

  • 3.) Keeping your head screwed on straight while we do it

    The biggest chokehold in any business is the psychology of the leader. And the reason most businesses fail is not because we don't know "what to do" -- you probably already know what you should be doing! But what's worse? Not knowing what to do... or knowing what to do and not doing it? At this point I've done thousands of interventions. And there's only ever 3 things that stops people from taking action. We'll smash through those obstacles and get you taking massive action consistently. 

Now some of the content inside this program is basic. Foundation stuff.


Why? Because a building can only be built as high as the foundation is strong.


So the question is not going to be "have I heard this before?" but "am I actually doing it?"




You and I both know there are some fundamentals to business that if you ignore them, at best, you'll see a lack of profit, a lack of revenue, and stagnant growth...


At worst, it'll put you under.


That's why throughout our time together, I'm going to ask you some direct questions:


  • Are you consistently running advertising right now? Is it profitable? ...or do we need to make some adjustments?
  • Do you have systems in place that generate you referrals every single day to maximize your opportunities? If not, let's build them!
  • Are you investing money into research & development (R&D)? No matter how big or small your enterprise is -- quality always wins in the long run! We want to build and KEEP the competitive advantage in our marketplace, and that means consistently and never-endingly improving our products, services, systems, experience, and delivery!

But I have to tell you...


Some of The Strategies In This Program Are Going To Blow Your Freakin' Mind


Tools and ideas that I learned behind closed doors of some of these multi-billion-dollar companies over these last few years...


Stuff that people pay literally hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn -- things you and I would never normally get access to...


That's what I'm going to bring to The Path for us.


We're in this together.


How's It Work?


We're coming up on year 4 of this program running and it's in it's 3rd iteration.


In the 1st and 2nd versions we had literally dozens of people double, triple, and even quadruple their businesses!


We're talking millions and millions of combined increased revenue.


But I don't want to talk about the people who succeeded. I want to talk about the ones who failed and why:


The original program was like drinking from a firehose.


I dumped the whole load on people; mindset, psychology, marketing, advertising, web design, sales scripts, follow-up processes, copywriting, systems, customer service, hiring, firing, team building, culture, leadership -- literally everything I could think of that would be of incredible value to someone who was in business.


And compared to other people in this industry... The Path's success rate has been phenomenal.


But I don't want to compare to anyone else -- I want to build the best business of this kind that's ever existed.


And that means getting more people on The Path and to the top of their own personal mountain.


Whether that's 7 figures, 8 figures, or just the freedom we all crave as entrepreneurs.  


Michael Jordan -- the greatest of all time -- said the reason for his success was that he "demanded more out of himself than anyone else could ever humanly expect. I'm not competing with somebody else. I'm competing with what I'm capable of.'"


So I've refined the program to get even more results, faster, easier, and with more clarity than ever before.


Here's What To Expect:


Each week, we'll get on a live group call for accountability, implementation, and coaching. We'll do live reviews of your marketing, advertising, copy, websites, strategy, and much more. We'll also tackle anything that might be holding you back and destroy limiting beliefs so we're firing on all cylinders. This is your weekly inspiration and connection with other entrepreneurs that are on The Path.

(It's also recorded if you miss a week)


On the first of every month, there will be a new strategy to implement in your business designed to get you more customers, make more money, increase your profit margins, improve your customer experience, and much more. Instead of "dumping the whole load on you" -- I've carefully curated mini-seminars and workshops that will be "plug n' play" and gives you just ONE thing at a time to install into your business that will make a dramatic impact. In 1 month, you'll notice a distinct difference. In 3? The transformation will be apparent. In 12 months, you'll see your company as one of the top in the industry.


Normally I charge $6,000/month for one-on-one consulting but I wanted to find a way to be available for all Path Members 24/7, 365 days a year. That's why we created the "Ask a Coach" section of your membership area. You can submit any and all questions, ask for help or clarity, and communicate directly with me at any time through that system! You'll have me available to help you grow your business at a fraction of the cost.


The biggest challenge we face as Entrepreneurs is that it's often a lonely Path. There are not many people who understand us which is why one of the most important pieces of this program is the community of like-minded individuals. This is not just another FB Group. It's a place where we can go to share ideas, get feedback, celebrate our wins, and build real friendships with people who get it -- people who are on The Path.


Inside the Study Vault, you'll find countless hours of training programs, strategies, implementation, and much more. This is where I store all the best tools and ideas I come across and you'll have access to this as long as you're a member. While I don't recommend you just jump around I wanted to insure you had every resource available to you immediately. If you find yourself in need of some Copywriting frameworks and advice? It's there. Need help with how to train your team? It's there. Want to see successful ads and why they worked? It's there. If there's ever a time when you need a specific ideas -- you'll find it inside the study vault!


If This is Sounding Good, Let Me Explain Who This ISN'T For 


I learned a long time ago I can help millions of people... but I can really only carry 2 or 3 on my back at any given time.


This program is for Entrepreneurs. Self-starters. Go-Getters. Decision Makers.


If you're the type of person who is constantly asking "what should I do" -- you're not an entrepreneur, you're an employee.


That might sound harsh but if you need constant directions and to be told what to do, then this program is not for you.


The people who will get the most out of this are the ones who see "my website's a mess and not getting me any business... Hey Steve, show me the best templates and what's working for websites. Thanks, I'll go implement this now."




"I'm struggling to motivate my employees... whatcha got for leadership and communication? Cool. Let me go try this and I'll report back how it worked."


I get lots of people asking me "If I don't already have a business... is this good for me?"


The short answer is no.


I've developed plug 'n play systems to implement into your business to get you more customers, make more money, turn those customers into recurring revenue sources, improve the quality of your communications internally and externally, case studies of what's working and what isn't... would you implement that into a business that doesn't exist?


Now I get it... 17 years ago when my entrepreneurial journey started -- I felt like I had to be prepared. I felt like I had to know everything before starting my business...


The reality is -- you just need to leap and figure it out along the way.


If that scares you... then The Path probably isn't right for you.


The monthly charge for this program should be your indicator:


If it's a small business expense to you that you're going to write off on your taxes anyways -- this makes sense for you.


If you're worried about a few hundred bucks every month -- this probably isn't right for you.


Rule number one of entrepreneurship: business owners never think too expensive or too cheap... they think in terms of Return on Investment.


I've designed this program to essentially be a 12-month commitment. You can cancel at any time -- but if you can't commit to something for 12 months... this probably isn't right for you, either.




I have a deep passion for entrepreneurs and this Path we're all walking together.


I want to be around people who actually want something for their lives.


I want clients, friends, and family who look for opportunities instead of crises...


Who create solutions instead of problems...


Who find joy where others find suffering...


Who find everything that's right with their lives instead of everything that's wrong...


If You're That Person, Lets Walk This Path Together And Exponentially Grow Your Business!

But first...


There's a couple of rules:


1. No negativity.

Toxic attitudes will not be tolerated. I will fiercely protect this community with everything that I've got. There are thousands of groups you can join that would welcome drama and negativity -- this is not one of them.


2. Sharing best practices -- not stealing them.


This community is about giving back to the other entrepreneurs in the group. Consider this your go-to mastermind. However, it's inevitable that someday, someone will be in your same market, selling similar products and services. This is a good thing. It gives you the chance to collaborate behind-the-scenes about best practices -- what's working and what isn't. BUT... there's a difference between modeling success and downright stealing other people's ideas and hard work.


Everything *I* share with you is fair game. Please ask permission before copying other members' websites, ideas, imagery, copy, etc.


3. Our Agreement: what I owe you... and what you owe me.


My goal is to double, triple, or even quadruple your business in the time that you're on The Path.


I owe you the tools, strategies, and training to do that. As well as the support along the way.


In return, there's the membership dues, of course -- but after an appropriate time has passed and when you have found tremendous value in this program -- my condition of us continuing to do business is that you provide me with at least 3 like-minded, like-quality referrals.


I want to build the best quality community that's ever existed and the only way we can do that is by bringing in more like-minded, cool people -- like yourself -- to walk The Path.


Skills can be taught, attitude cannot. We're looking for more people with great attitudes that would not only be fun, fascinating, but they would also bring tremendous value to the group.


If We Can Agree On That Here's The Deal: 


First, you enroll by clicking the button at the bottom of the page, and then you’ll get immediate access to the membership site and a link to the FB Group.

Inside the membership area, You’ll see a couple of short orientation videos.

They’ll get you acquainted with the membership area, introduce the first couple of ideas and concepts we’ll be working on, and if you're ready, you can dive right into building out your strategic plan to grow your business this year.


Next, you can jump into the Lesson of the Month -- where you'll learn your first tool you can implement into your business immediately.

From there we’ll do a weekly call -- usually Fridays (don’t worry, it’ll be recorded if you can’t make it).


That's where we'll do live examples, live coaching, and set you up for the next week.

You’ll also have daily access to me for questions via the "Ask A Coach" section inside the membership area OR inside the FB group.

This is a coaching program designed for entrepreneurs who want lasting change.

Coaching is month to month.

Payment is automatic monthly.

I recommend at least a year commitment.

I don't offer refunds for previous months, but you can cancel at anytime.

Cost is $297 per month.

You can enroll below.

Your life is about to change.

You are the hero on The Path.

I’m the guide.

Don’t stay lost.

Follow me.


What Entrepreneurs are Saying:

"I like The Path for two reasons. The first is that Steve facilitates and environment where high performing individuals become accountable, resolve personal & business challenges, and get to have mastermind-like discussion with this group. The second is that Steve usually provides a mini-lesson at the beginning of the calls to set the tone for that week's discussion. I find The Path helpful, meditative, and a great reset for my week."


"Since I travel quite a bit and want to always be pushing myself it’s been hard to have a great group of top level entrepreneurs to connect with. Stephen’s coaching and his community though have been perfect. I get to learn from people with 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses, all interested in making sure I too keep pushing myself and don’t settle for less. Stephen is an all around great guy and a talented coach. No matter what your current level of business he will help you to do more, in less time and with better results.​"


"They always say you are the average of the people you surround yourself with. I believe that to be true which is why I joined The Path. As I share with the group the progress and problems I’m experiencing in my business, many experienced members are able to point out things that I can’t see on my own. They can look at my problems with a different perspective and give me feedback that is truly priceless. As many of those in this group have been where I’m trying to go, the wisdom they share allows me to make giant leaps in my own journey and save myself from years of trial and error. In the four months since I joined I can think of multiple instances where I was able to solve a problem that might have taken months or years to solve on my own. It also gives me a place to be the helper when others in the group are struggling with an issue that I’ve solved in the past. Having a close group of like-minded people to meet with every week has been a true blessing in my life and I’m grateful every Sunday to get on the call and see my people.

The Path group has been instrumental for me this year for growing my business. The insights and wisdom I receive from other members who have more experience than me has allowed me to skip ahead and make giant leaps in my own progress. Perhaps the most valuable part for me is the accountability. I’ve had to make some tough decisions in my business lately and though I know they were the right thing to do, it was hard to just “do it”. Having a close group of friends that understand my problems because they’ve experienced them before makes me accountable to follow through with those tough decisions. I would hate to show up to a weekly meeting and tell everyone I didn’t do what needed to be done. That alone has transformed itself into ROI that has more than paid for the investment.

Steve’s group The Path has been a fantastic investment for me personally and professionally. Steve really puts everything he has into helping each member. The dude has a ton of experience and many skill sets when it comes to sales and marketing which are very helpful to me. Many other members in the group are, or have been, where I’m trying to go with my businesses so talking to them about what’s going on has opened the door to feedback and advice that has saved me months, maybe years, of trial and error. There’s no doubt that my rate of progress has increased 10x since joining The Path just 4 months ago. I’ll be a member as long as the group is around."


"Would I join the path again, absolutely. I have gotten several major things out of my time with the path group. Steve has a deep knowledge of the physcology of progress and success. We aren't talking book smarts here we are talking about a comprehensive experience based knowledge one could only get from being deeply involved with something for 10+ years. No advice I have gotten from Steve sounded like a line from a book or anything he hadn't experienced directly or indirectly through his work.


Then there is the group itself. When you are an entrepreneur, it's a lonely world. Everyone including myself has a deep need for connection, life doesn't live in a vacuum for very long. Even better is when the people you talk to more often are as invested in progress forward as you and they also have the idea that they do not know everything and are ready to learn together. It's similar to developing a team that experienced growth and won a championship. You get camaraderie, shared experience, and ultimately support you can rely on. So yes, I would absolutely join the Path again, and I believe anyone else should to, if they are ready to move forward"


"I have been in the Path for about a year now starting right after the COVID shutdowns. The difference for my business was incalculable, in such an uncertain time where fear is commonplace, Steve (and the group as a whole) helped me see the opportunity in the madness and expand my business. We had our highest gross (and profit) year in 2020. The group is very high level and everyone has unique experience that can help find unique solutions in every challenge. Why have 1 person working on 10 problems when you can have 10 people working on 1 problem? 


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